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Ecclesiastes 1:9 teaches us, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  Another quote offers that, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Logic suggests that the ebb and flow of natural laws have harmoniously worked together from the beginning.  It is for each generation to learn and gain the wisdom needed to survive and thrive as conditions change, or as mankind has created adverse conditions.

As we strive to understand and share each others burdens, the load becomes lighter and the love strengthens us. The caregiver in this photo is of a devoted son who carried his mother on his back down a mountain in Guatemala so that she could have cataract surgery from the visiting ophthalmologist.  This book is dedicated to caregivers with the desire to recognize the need for self-care which allows us to also care for others. The mother in this photo loved her son dearly and his love for her is equally evident.

If we accept that truth is universal and eternal, we might also see that time is validation for truth.  There are many time honored wise solutions that have worked well for generations. Some may have been forgotten or pushed aside for modern medication solutions. It is often human nature to choose to believe what fits within our comfort zone.  Many scientists and societies have become comfortable with “convenience medicine” and demand that the doctor takes responsibility, that the treatment is quick, makes them feel good and look good.  There is often an expectation that someone else pays for health care, such as insurance or the government.

The basic rules and tools for health (i.e. oxygen, hydration, regenerative sleep, nutrition, etc.) that have served mankind since the beginning, are obviously still essential.  These are often the very elements that are deficient.  Research often helps us rediscover age-old wisdom and validates that many of the truths that we have come to believe were actually thought of… reasoned, practiced, and written about for centuries already.  The key element (that is presented is this body of work) is Dr. Tennant’s recognition and application of the many facets, principles, and practices regarding Voltage. Voltage as it applies to the essential essence of life.

We are following Dr. Tennant’s example of graciously acknowledging each of his mentors and colleagues.  It is with gratitude and humility that the contributors recognize the dedicated work of those who have led the way in the past. We also acknowledge those that strive to carry the torch of truth for the following generations, trusting us to share what we have discovered and found faithful.

The objectives of this work are simple presentations of inspirational health journeys, including useful information that may be easily applied by anyone for better healthcare outcomes.  Anyone who has experienced chronic pain and illness, whether as a patient or a caregiver, will attest to what has worked and, sadly, what did not work.  It takes real courage, work, and wisdom to discern fact from fiction.  We also recognize that what works for one person may not work the same for everyone, in the same way, and within the same time frame.  This reality requires personal choice, patience, perseverance, wisdom, and application of basic health principles.

Care for the Caregiver: My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage was developed through interviews with the healthcare practitioners who embrace the Tennant Protocols.  The questions asked by patients (and the results achieved during several decades) have created paradigm shifts in lifestyles.  The concepts in this book (and the available QR Code links) strives to provide insights as to how most anyone may be empowered to help their body “Get Well, Be Well, and Live Well”.

This book along with "children teaching children" about Voltage, in Through the Eyes of a Child and Voltage Kids, (along with the Tennant Living Legacy Documentary) all discuss personalized options for self-care.  These options include lifestyle choices regarding the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, as well as physical aspects.  When these are brought into balance, they help us achieve our potential for wellness.

This book is a concept to provide “Truth Seekers” with an overview of Dr. Tennant’s and his “Truth Speaker” colleagues' approach to wellness.  The theme that weaves through every chapter is related to his paradigm-shifting principles and practices regarding Healing is Voltage.

The interviews are designed to connect heart to heart. The questions were collected from patients and doctors who sought answers beyond the "convenience medicine standard of care" that failed them.  The QR links are available for testimonials and the more intellectually and scientifically minded.  It is our purpose to enhance and enlarge the educational opportunities and practical applications available for wellness.  This includes pain relief from chronic conditions regardless of the person's age or diagnosis.  We hope this book (and accompanying videos and resources) help provide additional easy-to-apply answers.  While the principles are comprehensive, Dr. Tennant’s approach strives to eliminate perceived barriers.


This effort to share truths is dedicated to the trusting relationships established through the years with patients and colleagues and especially family.  Steve Evans, Jerry Tennant, Shirley Tennant, Scott Tennant, Marilyn Tennant, the Tennant Family, Elizabeth Midgley, Ruth Krywenko, Tamara Cole, Tonya Waite, and Family, AJ Beaber, and Family, Julie Swinney, and family, Cory Melton and family, Sage Robbins and Family all provided prayers and support throughout the development of this Legacy Project. There are many other contributors to the Tennant Living Lifestyle Legacy Collection of Experiences including Educators and Ambassadors who share the mission of Healing is Voltage dedicated to you the “Truth Seeker” readers.

I am grateful for my link with eternal posterity and the love we share: my children Jared, Tamara, Amy, Jeremy; my grandchildren Amber, Amanda, Emily, Dillon, Brandon, Randy, Megan, Gianna, Luca, and Francesca; my Great-grandchildren Eleanor, John, and Opal. Siblings: Norman, Belinda, Patty, Michael, Elizabeth, Ruth, John, and Pam, niece Nuance Stone who along with their posterity are exceptional examples of faith, hope, and charity. All provided encouragement and the generous gift of prayers and time on behalf of our mutual ministry.


This endeavor recognizes the many individuals who came together with a mutual mission. This is a Living Legacy of Love and will continue as we keep receiving new enlightenment. Dr. Tennant is the primary person who first opened his heart and shared his personal story of recovery that has inspired so many to open their hearts and minds. Because of him, his research, and example, we are synergistically brought together and share our stories of accepting and taking responsibility for our own wellness choices. The QR Code links in both books: Through the Eyes of a Child (with videos of children teaching children) and Care for the Caregiver:  My Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage are companion books.  Both share a message of empowerment allowing for deeper delving into the research and instructional information available and will be updated as new information comes to light.

This list of names could fill its own book with gratitude for the many ways that individuals have shared what they are learning and how each is applying what is taught. During the collection of the many inspirational experiences shared, our world faced the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We feel more compelled than ever to express gratitude for the tireless efforts of these “Truth Speakers” and their message of hope for healing our world. We agree that faith and investment in healthier lifestyle choices overcome fear. We are grateful for the trusting relationships that have touched many lives during the creation of these books. We appreciate the encouragement and wise counsel from readers and reviewers, who helped us realize how valuable this information is and to see it as a continuous effort to keep the legacy living on into the future.

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.D

Scott Tennant

Malcolm Ing, MD

Aaron Allums

Tamara Bagwell, ND

Chris Bailey

AJ and Will Beaber

Linda and Dale Behan

Jason Bradley

Terry and Randy Brim

Nathan Bryan, Ph.D.

Kathy Buckley

CareyLyn Carter

Michael Cole

Tamara Cole

Camilla Crone, Ph.D.

Craig Davies, DC, Ph.D.

Vicki Dietz

Alan Donnell, DVM

Steve Evans, DDS

Chase Faldmo, DC

Ben Fox

Isaac French

Jessica Garen, M.Ed.

Dee Glasgow

Jeff Hill

Debbie and Chuck Hovitz

Richard Hull, DO

Jody and Ron Malouf

Amy Marshall, DNP*, FNP-C, APRN, MS

Daniel Mawhinney

Tom McGuire, DDS

Diane McGinty

Cory Melton

Joseph Mercola, DO

Nicholas Meyer, DDS

Elizabeth Midgley

Scott Neely

Beth Powell, Ph.D.

Sage Robbins

Patsy Scott, CHN

Susan Shaffer

Linda Sherman

Darlene Shortridge

David Smithson, MD

Josh Stewart

Nuance Stone

Julie Swinney

Kay Swinney

Leo Szymborski

Jared Tennant

Terri Tennant

“Boots” and Michael Tollinger

Jeff Turner

Yvonne Van Veldhuizen, Ph.D.

Alera Waite

Dallan Waite

Tonya Waite

Peter Wasowski

Sebastian Wasowski

Lynn Welk

Simon Yu, M.D.

Linking with the QR Codes provides videos and resources for those seeking more extensive details and references to others with whom we continue to learn.  We view this effort as a Living Legacy of Love and Learning