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100 Powerful Components in One Ancient Oil

What would you call an ancient remedy that claimed to treat all these ailments:

Allergies, heartburn, blood sugar, sinus, eczema, acne, parasites, constipation, hair loss, fevers, colds, boils and carbuncles, coughs, diarrhea, blood pressure, insomnia, muscle cramps and spasms, nausea, toothaches, psoriasis, weight gain, cholesterol, seizures, wounds that won't heal, bug bites, joint pain, breathing, congestion, earaches, poor vision, gall stones, hemorrhoids, migraines, memory loss, moles, chapped lips, muscle pain, rashes, nose bleeds, burns, ulcers, blue moods, dizziness, stress, impotence, poor immune system, prostate, bronchial issues, low energy... and more!

I'd call it snake oil!

In fact, it defies my scientific training to think there's a "one size fits all" treatment for all of that. Preposterous! That's what I told my research team when they introduced me to an ancient remedy called "the Pharaoh's oil."

But I couldn't ignore its history — spanning thousands of years of worldwide use as a treatment used by doctors and healers in dozens of cultures... throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin...and I couldn't get around the fact its mentioned by name in the Bible — in Isaiah 28:25-27. And written about in the earliest, highly-regarded, medical book — The Book of Healing — from the renowned Persian physician and scholar Aviceena.

I simply couldn't believe users of this Oil — including doctors and natural healers (and vets) — could be so blatant to make all those health claims about this one Oil. So, I decided I had to try it for myself! After about two weeks, my neck and back felt so much better. Before my team — and the scientific evidence — convinced me to give the golden-colored oil known as "the Pharaoh's oil" a try... my neck and lower back ached constantly from slumping over a computer keyboard for over two decades.

At night, I would lay in a hot bath tub or pester my husband for a neck rub because it hurt so bad. But not anymore! Now, thanks to "the Pharaoh's oil," my neck and back pain are gone. No kidding! But I'm not the only one that experienced this type of relief...

  • Anne, our Researcher had itchy psoriasis on her scalp. When she took "the Pharaoh's oil, the itchiness stopped. When she missed a day, the itching came right back!
  • Brian, our Head of Fulfillment would sneeze up a storm during allergy season. But allergy season came and went — and Brian felt great. He also said his sleep was never better!
  • Diane, a member of our marketing department, struggles with blood sugar imbalances that cause fluctuations in her weight. In just 2 weeks, Diane's blood sugar leveled, and she dropped 8 pounds!
  • Our Computer Analyst Clare is prone to bladder infections. She said she noticed one coming on and immediately upped her dose of "the Pharaoh's oil" and it went away, and she hasn't gotten one since.

As you can see from that list above, the potential uses for this "Oil" are immense. But here's what impressed me the most...Flu has been rampant in our community (and across the country). And several of our staff members have come down with it.

  • Cynthia in accounting got it and it immediately settled into her chest. She was stuck in bed for over a week when I suggested she boost her intake of "the Pharaoh's oil"...
  • Linda, a member of our fulfillment team got it and was out several days (and she never misses work). She came back but couldn't kick the cough and the congestion. So I handed her a bottle of "the Pharaoh's oil" and said "here take these"...
  • And Diana, our staff writer, was sick for what seemed like weeks. She was working from home (albeit very slowly) so she didn't get anyone sick. She went to the doctor several times and just couldn't seem to get better. So, I had a co-worker drop off a bottle of "the Pharaoh's oil" at her house with my strict order to take a double dose every day until she got better.

And here's what they ALL told me. As soon as they started taking "the Pharaoh's oil," they immediately started getting better. And after just a couple days they were all better and back to work. No joke... "the Pharaoh's oil" shortened the duration of their illness!

Like I said in the beginning, I was having a very difficult time believing a single remedy could perform hundreds of health miracles. But the real truth is..."the Pharaoh's oil" is not a "treatment for everything" — it's a "treatment for ONE thing"!

While you may experience dozens of health benefits when you use the Oil — those are just the results of it treating ONE main problem. Poor immune health! And that one problem can manifest itself into hundreds of illnesses and afflictions!

The active ingredient in "the Pharaoh's oil" is a potent immuno-modulator. That simply means: This amazing Oil gets and keeps your immune system in a healthy balance. And that explains why so many cultures and civilizations around the world still — after thousands of years — heavily rely on this Oil and continue to support its claims to treat everything from asthma to parasites to wounds and everything in between.

So I ask you, what miracle will "the Pharaoh's oil" do for you? I hope you'll write me a note and tell me about it!

Yours for peak health,
Virginia Tims-Lawson
Chief Research Officer
Peak Pure & Natural®