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5 Liver-Damaging Foods Americans MUST AVOID

By: Dr. Chad Walding, DPT


Your liver works hard for you your whole life, but what have you done for your liver?

An oft-overlooked organ, The Centers for Disease Control recently named your liver "one of the largest and most important organs…"

Which makes sense…considering it does a multitude of essential tasks that keep your body running smoothly:

  • Regulates hormone levels
  • Helps rid the body of waste or "toxins"
  • Builds proteins and makes bile, which helps you absorb fats
  • Adjusts cholesterol levels
  • Stores sugar for when you really need it
  • Filters and removes bacteria from your blood…

For your liver, all of this and more is simply in a day’s work...

Unfortunately, the American Liver Foundation recently shared these scary stats at the end of 2021:

  • 100 million+ Americans have a fatty liver
  • 20 million+ will develop liver fibrosis disease as a result
  • 5 million+ will progress to cirrhosis and possible end-stage liver failure 
  • Some will be lucky enough to be listed for transplant, which is the only cure, but ~30% of those who do will die waiting

The good news is, if you want to do your liver a favor and take important steps to avoid a lifetime of weight gain & health problems... 

For this reason, being aware of the foods that slow your liver processing can help you make healthy decisions about your diet…

And ultimately make your liver (and you) much “happier.”

To guide you in this effort, Dr. Chad Walding, Doctor of Physical Therapy and leading Senior Nutrition Expert, recommends you print this list of the most liver-damaging foods to avoid…

And check out the ONE “frozen” nutrient he suggests you eat more of – to keep your liver functioning at its best.

First, Here’s a Look at 5 Surprising Dietary Culprits That Can Do Irreversible Damage to Your Liver.

1.) Crackers

This popular snack may seem innocent enough, but they're not an excellent option for your liver health. Any foods with refined carbs or sugars, can be problematic for the liver, according to research. It can be easy to just munch on crackers mindlessly, but keep your hard-working liver in mind the next time you reach for a sleeve.

2.) Salted or Cured Meats

Too much fatty meat and/or salt is a problem for the liver, says The American Liver Foundation*, so it should go without saying that cured meats like prosciutto, or even cold cuts like ham, bologna, or salami, are all foods that are best eaten sparingly. Instead, opt for high-quality, lean meats like chicken, turkey, or seafood.

3.) Fruit Cups

This one may come as a surprise. According to a 2013 study*, over-consumption of fruits can actually introduce too much fructose to the body, which the liver may have issues processing and can result in fatty liver issues. Canned and packaged fruits are also often packed with artificial sweeteners and added sugars.

4.) Common Condiments

It's not just the obvious sources of sugar in your diet that could be causing serious damage to your liver. Often the more dangerous sources of fructose are those in which the sugar content is less obvious, such as ketchup & salad dressings. Just one tablespoon of Heinz Ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar, and one serving of Kraft Creamy French Salad Dressing, for example, delivers 6 grams of sugar.

5.) Vegetable and Seed Oils

Sunflower, corn, soybean, and “vegetable” oils are omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)-rich. The American Society for Nutrition found in 2020* that this, “...fatty acid composition rather than the amount of fat, may actually be the key factor inducing obesity.” Widespread overuse of these oils has also been implicated in the rise of system-wide inflammation, modern lifestyle diseases, and contributing to liver damage by way of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Even worse, when heated, the polyunsaturated omega-6 fats found in these common cooking oils generate a substance known as hydroxynonenal, which researchers now believe plays a key role in cell degeneration and cell death*.

What You Can Do to Naturally Boost & Protect the Health of Your Liver

Due to a severe incline in environmental toxins, sedentary lifestyles, and the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome…

The annual increase in the incidence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) has become a global public health problem.

As the name implies, the main characteristic of NAFLD is too much fat stored in your liver cells… 

In extreme cases, this alone results in abdominal pain, nausea, yellowish skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice), swollen abdomen and legs (edema), extreme tiredness or mental confusion, and weakness…

But more often progresses into dangerous liver inflammation, advanced scarring (cirrhosis), and liver failure.

A fatty liver is also associated with high levels of fat in your bloodstream (triglycerides)... 

Which is a huge concern as medical experts call high triglycerides “a ‘silent’ problem with big implications” such as a four-fold increase in the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke.

Not only that, high levels of extra flabby fat stored throughout your body is known to raise your blood sugar levels, which can lead to pre-diabetes and, eventually, type 2 diabetes…

Plus cause inflammation of the pancreas (a condition which doctors call pancreatitis) and permanent tissue damage.

Currently, there is no registered drug for the treatment of NAFLD, so it is essential for Americans to tailor their diets to safeguard the health of their liver.

#1 “Frozen” Nutrient to Help Prevent Liver Fat Buildup in Americans

Fatty fish is ironically great for lowering the levels of fat in your liver…

And if you’re as health-conscious as I think you are--you probably already know it’s because of the high levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids that fish contains.

In a review of ten randomized controlled trials, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation was shown to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance insulin sensitivity
  • Lower blood triglyceride levels*…

These are 3 KEY factors to naturally improve & protect the health of your liver.

Unfortunately, only certain types of fatty or oily fish contain enough of the right types of omega-3s to make a difference in your liver health…

And many ALSO contain contaminants like mercury, dioxins, and pesticides.

Considering these issues, it is not so shocking that even with all we know about the POWER of omega-3s… 80% of Americans still do not have enough of them in their diet.

Fortunately, breakthrough research has revealed a secret “frozen” source way out in the 

Antarctic Ocean that science has shown to contain THE MOST POWERFUL omega-3s found in nature…

And incorporating it into your nightly routine has been proven to help you avoid the 3 top causes of NAFLD.

In fact, the meta-analysis mentioned above proved that the two types of omega-3s found in this Antarctic supernutrient even significantly decreased the amount of liver fat observed on ultrasound.

“In summary, the results of our meta-analysis support the beneficial effect of [omega-3s] in optimizing liver fat…and blood lipid levels in patients with NAFLD, and we guess [omega-3s] may slow down the progress of NAFLD.”*

And That’s Not All This Unique Super-nutrient Can Do for You…

The research is unlike anything I've ever seen:

  • In one study from The American College of Nutrition, this super nutrient dropped joint pain by 28% in JUST 7 DAYS..
  • In another validation experiment out of France, top researchers saw it slash LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) by 36%..
  • Optometry and Vision experts in Melbourne found it significantly reduces the specific proteins that cause mild to moderate DED (dry eye disease).
  • Participants in a Hearing Study of age-related hearing loss showed that those who consumed higher amounts of this supernutrient had a 42% lower risk of hearing loss at the five-year follow-up..
  • And a new study published in the British Medical Journal found a diet rich in this supernutrient can cut monthly migraine days by four..