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Big Boxes of Watermelons

This is about your health.  This is about your food, the fuel of your health. One day, walking through a warehouse store’s produce department, I happened to glance up at high, high shelves at the back of the department and saw huge boxes labeled, “watermelons,” “peaches,” and other foods that grow in the soil and on trees. The boxes were on pallets and had been put up there with a forklift. They'd been there awhile.

This was certainly not like the farm pickup truck full of fresh watermelons we saw at our farmers' market. I thought, how is it those huge boxes of those fruits can sit up there even for a day or two, or maybe even a week or two?  Do they harvest them super early, “greenest of the green”? Obviously.

The rest of the story is that our food supplies have become very processed.  Even the “fresh” fruits and vegetables are often grown covered in pesticides and their very seeds/DNA are altered to grow bigger, more perfectly shaped, more brilliantly colored, with very long shelf life, little nutritive values, and toxicity.

For the best you - best immune system, best energy, best brain function:

  • Grow a garden if at all possible and trade your harvests with friends & family.
  • Buy organic as much as you can, even if the fruits aren’t as pretty.
  • Buy frozen organic fruits & vegetables.
  • Find your community's farmers' markets in your community. Ask them if their offerings are organic.