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Do You Sleep Like This?

If you tend to sleep in a position that doesn’t support a neutral position for your spine, it can cause a lot of strain on your back and your body. The best and easiest solution I have found is to sleep with a body pillow. In fact, my body pillow helps so much that I can’t sleep without it!

Body pillows are large pillows that run the length of an average person, and they are used to help relieve pressure from different parts of your body. They are great for back pain, but they can also help with neck and shoulder pain, as well.

By using body pillows to elevate various parts of your body, you can relieve strain from your spine so that it remains in a neutral position throughout the night, no matter how you turn in your sleep. By keeping your spine in a neutral position all night, you can help prevent waking up in the morning with back pain.

In addition, the body pillow allows your muscles to relax more fully, which also increases circulation. Pain and stiffness are greatly alleviated once circulation is improved. The extra support helps increase oxygen flow throughout the body, which also impacts how quickly you heal.

A good night’s rest with proper support plays an important role in your overall health. For best results, sleep on your side and put the lower part of the body pillow between your knees. Pull your knees in slightly toward your chest. This supports your hips and your low back so you don’t have pain and tightness in the morning. Sleeping with the top part between your arms also helps support your shoulders, as well.

If you don’t own a body pillow, you can always use two pillows – one between your knees and one between your arms and elbows.

I hope this helps you!


Emily Lark