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E-Bandage Generates Electricity, Speeds Wound Healing in Rats

American Chemical Society. (2018, December 19). E-Bandage Generates Electricity, Speeds Wound Healing in Rats. ScienceDaily.

Skin has a remarkable ability to heal itself. But in some cases, wounds heal very slowly or not at all, putting a person at risk for chronic pain, infection, and scarring. Now, researchers have developed a self-powered bandage that generates an electric field over an injury, dramatically reducing the healing time for skin wounds in rats.

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  1. Yin Long, Hao Wei, Jun Li, Guang Yao, Bo Yu, Dalong Ni, Angela LF Gibson, Xiaoli Lan, Yadong Jiang, Weibo Cai, Xudong Wang. Effective Wound Healing Enabled by Discrete Alternative Electric Fields from Wearable NanogeneratorsACS Nano, 2018; DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b07038