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Live or Powdered Greens?

The one thing, that more than any other thing, will change your life (for the better…), in ways you never could have imagined possible... How’s that for a buildup?

In all seriousness, I knew I was onto something when Robyn Openshaw, “The Green Smoothie Girl” herself, came to our house for the first time...all she seemed to want to talk about was how amazing our sprouting setup was. She even did a Facebook post saying we've out-sprouted her!

Between that and every time it’s in the background of some other video, or we mention all the fresh, living sprouts we eat, we get a gazillion questions about it… Figured it was time to take a deep dive into exactly how we produce a seemingly endless supply of fresh, living sprouts of all kinds, not to mention always having sprouted or properly soaked nuts, beans & grains on hand and ready to go.

Benefits we’ve realized from creating this setup include:

  • Massive Money Saver - we probably make 20 sprout salads for the price of a bunch of kale.
  • Deep Nutrition - get the nutrient density of 100s of fresh, young sprouts, vs. some pieces of a few full-size adult leaves.
  • Ready for Anything - while everyone should have a garden, you come to realize with a few tins of seeds and big bags of dried beans and rice, as long as you have a water source, the prospect of food shortages becomes significantly less terrifying.
  • Easy Digestibility - sprouts are way easier on the ol’ tummy than leaves, soaking & sprouting removes a lot of the phytates from grains & legumes, etc.
  • Ultra Clean - ever get a little depressed when you consider that even if you’re eating 100% organic, heavy metals and chemicals are literally falling from the sky onto those plants and the soil each and every day, not to mention overspray from neighboring non-organic crops, etc??? All of that is reduced to a huge degree with this system.

And no, I should mention this isn’t an actual “kit” we’re selling or something (although we probably should if no one steals the idea before we get around to it!), just showing you how I assembled some random supplies to supercharge our diet... and taking you through a few "days in the life" of how I work this into my routine. Would love to hear what you do for food growth at home right now and how this compares!!

Speaking of greens, yes, fresh & raw is best... but what I love about greens powders is getting an array of nutrients we wouldn't otherwise get from our diet...and/or *quality* nutrition to grab when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to make a juice or smoothie...and/or adding them to the juice or smoothie for an extra health supercharge. And I emphasized quality because, well... there are a lot of bad greens powders there.