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About AJ Beaber

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"One cannot teach unless they have experienced the lessons firsthand."

 -You & I, Inc.

AJ Beaber

Founder of “Ignite the Light” and “Red Light Love” . . .

Reveals a Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality

AJ Beaber is an author, public speaker, and educator in personal growth and development for women.  Founder and creator of Ignite the Light, AJ helps women across the globe learn how to access and harness the life force energy of human desire to transform their lives.

In her novel, You & I, Inc., Beaber uses her personal experience and the power of metaphor to reveal how we can change our lives through the intimate connection of our body and mind.

She lives with her husband and children in metropolitan Dallas and gives back to the community as founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Red Light Love.  Its mission is to help women of all ages, wounded by sexually traumatic experiences, find healing, and learn to trust and love again.

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You & I, Inc.

AJ Beaber

Dirty Dancing meets The Sixth Sense when a woman discovers the link between her supernatural experiences and the partnership she’s always longed for.

“As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny.” -The Upanishads

Promotion:  Promotion of a literary novel is mainly word of mouth, PR opportunities, and creating a buzz in the online realm. You & I, Inc. pack a powerful punch and will provide excellent discussion opportunities and topics of conversation for social media, the water cooler or book clubs.  Many literary sensations have become renowned worldwide and are rated best sellers due to the enticement of their plot, graphic scenes, development of and relationship to characters, as well as the impact of the moral.  Readers of You & I, Inc. will undoubtedly resonate with the four most important factors of the promotion of literary success.

In the case of You & I, Inc. the reader will also form a relationship with the protagonist given this story is based on a true story.  As such, readers will resonate with the experiences and truths presented.

You & I, Inc. Marketing The Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality:

Why it matters: Too many women today are living in pain from sexually traumatic experiences, or using pain as a shield from true love and intimacy.  Things like divorce, adultery, emotional affairs, sexual harassment, molestation, rape, partners pornography addiction, an obsession to lovers, lack of intimacy and lack of trust in relationships.  It’s time for a change.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Trust and intimacy in relationships.
  • How our internal beliefs influence our outside relationships.
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs, to overcome limiting behaviors.
  • How sexuality and spirituality connect.
  • Why sexual trauma affects trust and intimacy in relationships.
  • Why infidelity happens in relationships and how to stop the cycle.
  • How to overcome affairs, infatuation, and love-sickness.
  • The dynamics of shared intention (co-creation) in relationships.
  • The importance of balancing the masculine and feminine energy within first and then in our outside relationships.
  • The importance of polarity and how to overcome depolarization in a relationship.
  • Why we can no longer be silent in the church about sexuality.
  • Why pornography kills true human desire (and intimacy) and what we can do about it.