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About CareyLyn Carter

CareyLyn Carter Founder and President of Mother Earth Labs

CareyLyn Carter is the founder and president of Mother Earth Labs.  She is a scientist, biochemist, researcher, author, and speaker on natural nutritional supplementation topics, as well as the power of humic and fulvic substances to help maintain or restore good health.  She calls these humic substances “The Gift from Mother Earth”which is also the name of our very first product.

CareyLyn has worked in the pharmaceutical and health products industry for over 25 years.  She spent the early years of her career at Merck Pharmaceuticals before turning to a more holistic, organic, and natural approach to help address her own health crisis.  Her passion is to stay on top of the latest updates in natural nutritional health science and to identify better ways to evolve our nutritional health product line so others can enjoy optimal health and wellness as she does.

In 2004, CareyLyn Carter was diagnosed with a serious illness when she underwent an unrelated routine test.  The typical progression of her illness gave her an estimated 3 to 4 years left to spend with her dear husband, Doug, and cherished two-year-old son, Gunnar.

CareyLyn had an idea of what could be, because her father fought and eventually succumbed to the same illness which was diagnosed in a very late stage.  After witnessing the months of radiation, surgeries, and chemotherapy that he endured, CareyLyn had a deep knowing in her heart that there was a better option and that she still had much left to do.  What she didn’t know at the time was the wealth of new experiences awaiting her.

CareyLyn embraced the guides encountered on her personal path and followed her intuition as she searched for answers.  Not wanting to disregard anything, she learned about and experimented with a variety of treatments including Western, Eastern, Ayurvedic, and Native American medicines.  She understood that there was no one treatment for everyone and that she had to find what worked for her.  Eventually, CareyLyn discovered Humic and Fulvic substances.  She was told by Drunvalo Melchizedek in Uxmal, “Humic and Fulvic can help you fulfill your life’s purpose”.

As a seasoned scientist and biochemist, CareyLyn immersed herself in research, learning about the potential benefits, new discoveries, and all the clinical case studies done on what she now refers to as “The Gift from Mother Earth.”  Her intuition told her she was on the right path, so she set herself on a quest to find the highest quality humic and fulvic deposits.  Once she began taking the product and experienced results that astounded her, she knew she had a responsibility to share this with the world.

Thus, she co-founded Mother Earth Labs with her husband.  Today, the company continues to grow with CareyLyn at the forefront, always striving to develop and improve products that support optimal health and wellness for herself and others.  She maintains the belief that Humic and Fulvic substances are an important piece of our health and wellness journey, and includes it in many of Mother Earth Labs’ premium products.

Gunnar is now in high school, and CareyLyn continues to embrace with gratitude the “Incredible Journey of Discovery” we all share.

Founded in 2003

Mother Earth Labs was founded over 16 years ago.  Our Founder and President has over 30 years of experience in research and the pharmaceutical and nutritional health industries.  Our Director of Professional Services has over 25 years of clinical and industry expertise.

Our product development and production teams have the expertise and experience needed to source the best ingredients and produce the highest quality products that support the optimal health and wellness we should all naturally enjoy.  Mother Earth Labs’ production facility is led by a Ph.D. in Health Sciences and all Laboratory Managers and Technicians are long-term, highly-skilled, and experienced team members.

CareyLyn Carter is a biochemist and has been in the pharmaceutical and nutritional health supplement industry for more than 30 years.

Topics she discusses include:

  1. Introduction to the Tennant Nutritional Health System Core Group of products that support cellular voltage levels.
  2. Opportunities to Learn about the types of nutritional resources that support the body’s voltage and not drain it and those to avoid.
  3. Detailed presentation on Restore, the cornerstone of the Tennant Nutritional Health System, and it’s comprehensive offering of ingredients – including 21 clinically studied and patented nutraceuticals – in a single product.
  4. An overview of the 3 other members of the System and why they are critical to support voltage, health and wellness: Digestive Enzymes, Humic/Fulvic Substances, and Lugol’s Iodine.