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About Stephen R. Evans, DDS

Dr. Stephen R. Evans has been described by his patients and colleagues as personable, kind, gentle, and artistic as well as; professional, exacting, thorough, and a meticulous researcher, scientist, inventor, teacher, dental pioneer, and surgeon.  He is the descendant of a “noble” line of medical doctors (Thomas Benjamin Noble I, II, III, and IV) who bestowed him with caregiver qualities and examples with their patients and family members.

Dr. Evans has been providing families with a healthier gentle dental approach since 1985.  He values the trusting relationships developed over the years.  Many patients are second and third generations of his patients who have been with him since the beginning of his practice.  Others travel long distances, coming from all corners of the US and as far away as South Africa and the Far East for the specialized care we provide.  Dr. Evans is grateful for the opportunity to work with patients and other health care providers who embrace wellness; individuals he characterizes as “Truth Seekers” dedicated to achieving their potential.

Dr. Evans is a licensed dentist with a wide variety of training, certifications, and experiences that allow him to provide dental consultation, advice, and services.  He provides the appropriate information to allow patients to make informed decisions regarding their health.  The intention of this website is for educational purposes related to dental options and it is our expectation that individuals will exercise common sense related to their personal medical and dental care.  Practitioners and individuals must take complete responsibility for their use of this information.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental services required to restore your smile regardless of where you are on your health journey or what language you speak.  After all, everyone smiles in the same language.

Dr. Evans DDS is a guest speaker during professional meetings and provides Dr. Tennant's and Senergy's Integrative Health Conference participants with the opportunity to ask questions and gain a greater understanding regarding their Oral and Whole Body Health Connection, including the value of:

  1. Developing Medical/Dental/Patient Interdependent Trusting Relationships
  2. Biomodulator/Biotransducer Therapy in a Dental Office
  3. Preventive Oral Hygiene Care for children and adults
  4. Interceptive Safe Removal of Toxic Sources including failed mercury amalgam fillings failed Root canal therapies, and Osseous debridement and regeneration therapies.
  5. Restorative non-metal biocompatible therapies and materials
  6. Regenerative PRF, Pinhole Surgery, Re-mineralizing tooth, and root structure.
  7. Orthodontic techniques and
  8. Medical Dental relational aspects for oral health such as: encouraging patients with the Tennant and their primary health care provider’s protocols regarding; Nutrition, Oxygen, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connections.