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About Tamara Bagwell, ND

Tamara Bagwell 5-21

Tamara Bagwell, ND, VP of Health and Wellness Services

Tamara has been a caregiver with compassion for others since her childhood.  Dr. Bagwell’s personal and professional career has included patient and client care with an emphasis on listening and providing appropriate answers to their questions.  She was the founder and president of a successful company that provided specialized tea parties and entertainment for children and their parents for more than ten years.  Her first medical-related experience was with helping a medical doctor establish a new clinic and worked to create a healthy welcoming environment for his patients providing significant care and relaxation therapy.

Tamara began following Dr. Tennant's approach to wellness since 1998, as a family member, then sharing what she learned with extended family and friends.  She began attending and assisting with the Senergy Integrative Health Conferences on a voluntary basis until Scott recognized her effective communications talents and healing touch.  He invited her to join the Tennant mission and she retired from all her other successful endeavors to focus on the synergistic approach to wellness.  Tamara researched (and enlarged upon her knowledge base) and obtained her degree to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Clients and Conference participants respond to her compassionate and knowledgeable ways of helping them understand and apply comprehensive Tennant Protocols.