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About The Brim Family

Randy, Terri, Eliana, and Noah Brim are part of an agriculturally-based intentional Christian community dedicated to the preservation and growth of life and love.  They enjoy music, gardening, traveling, teaching, meeting new people and being together as a family.  They are passionate about learning and sharing with others about sustainability and how to “Participate in Life.”  They believe that "Life Began in a Garden" and gardens can sustain life in many ways.

The Brim Family are dedicated to helping other families obtain the highest quality seeds to grow healthy gardens.  Many people’s circumstances prevent them from gardening, but there is a simple solution for everyone. SPROUTING!

They teach us that sprouts contain a higher concentration of nutrients than the mature plant.  They are easy to grow and don’t require any sophisticated equipment, just a simple quart jar and cheese cloth.

First, you want to make sure you have untreated, quality seed.  There is quite a variety of beans, grains and vegetables available for sprouting.  For example, you can use alfalfa, cabbage, lentils, mung beans, radishes and wheat berries to name a few.  Broccoli is our favorite seed to sprout and one of the most nutritious.

Next, get a clean quart jar and add two tablespoons of your favorite seed.  Fill the jar halfway full with filtered water and let sit for eight hours.  Sometimes I do this right before I go to bed.  After this soaking time, drain the water off and rinse the seed with clean water.  Strain again to make sure no excessive water remains in the jar and cover with a cheese cloth securing it with a string or rubber band.  You can also purchase a sprouting lid that fits a quart jar.  Lay the jar on its side and let it sit on your countertop.  Rinse these seeds in the morning and in the evening.  Normally, they are ready to eat within five days.  Refrigerate and add sprouts to your salads, sandwiches, eggs or just eat them on the side.  This is an easy way to “garden” and provide high-density nutritious food that you grow yourself.