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Oral and Systemic Health

By Jerry Tennant MD and Stephen R. Evans DDS

This is a concept paper describing the relationship between a doctor and a dentist working together to help their patients achieve their potential for health. Many patients are not aware of the relationship of oral care to whole body care. Many may be anxious about seeing a dentist for several reasons and when Dr. Tennant discovers dental issues during his examination of a patient and encourages that they address potential dental infections, the anxiety level increases.

Often patients put off seeing a dentist until they are motivated by tooth or jaw pain or serious medical diagnosis they believe is related to their oral health. Even if they are motivated to improve function or appearance they may not be completely aware of the extent of their dental condition and require initial consultation with a dentist that has the same integrity, experience, skills and commitment to oral and systemic health. There are a number of dentists listed with various holistic and biological related dental organizations and research that validates why patients must take an active role in taking responsibility for their own health. When medical practitioners work hard to help their patients, they want to see their patients achieve their goals for wellness.”