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Personal Experiences

  Thank you to all of the "Truth Seekers" who are now "Truth Speakers" sharing their experiences.  These personal testimonies inspire and instruct us to achieve individual potential for our Wellness Journey with Healing is Voltage.  Due to a large number of videos, please be patient while the page loads.

I love Dr. Tennant's products because I can be confident of the high quality that goes into their production.  I am an especially big fan of Veggie Restore and Brain Food, as these powdered products make it much easier for my patients to get their basic building blocks of treatment without so many pills.  - Joanne Pizzino, MD

With the Tennant products as a part of my healthy lifestyle my doctor's check up have been very good and I'm confident in my future doctor's check up's!  Thank You for your Compassion and your Product's!  - Minister Michael

I have been using Tennant products for myself, my family for over 10 years and I recommend it to anyone with any health issues.  Many human diseases and conditions are caused by nutrient deficiencies.  Tennant products provide high quality bioactive nutrients at an affordable price.  Using these products is, in my opinion, one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your health.  -Dr. Nathan S. Bryan


I started taking the Tennant supplements a year ago.  I didn’t even realize that I was run down and just took them at the urging of a friend.  Within a few days I noticed increased energy and stamina throughout the day.  I am a teacher and needed to sit at my desk more than I wants to just because I was always so tired.  This past school year however, I rarely sat at my desk.  Wow! What a difference!  Thank you Dr Tennant and staff for creating and sustaining incredible products.  - Karen Cuningham

I have had a severe form of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for years and for the first time ever my mineral intake of Fulvic Acid has helped tremendously.  Thank you infinitely to Dr. Tennant.  - Claudette Lupien

I particularly like Tennants Products, they focus on assisting the body to heal and maintain good health.  The staff are very helpful if you have questions.  - Margaret Grimwade

I found the Tennant Restore Professional formula an excellent product.  So complete and so effective!  Because our food is not anymore nourishing us, we need to integrate our daily food with a valid, complete, and healthy food supplement, in order to prevent illnesses and diseases caused by our life style.  I did that with the help of the Tennant Restore Professional formula.  In addition, it tastes good!  - Sarah.

I have been using Dr Tennant's Professional Restore for several years now, and I wouldn't use anything else.  In fact, I have my wife and grown children on it too.  -  George Ronk
I have been diagnosed with advance prostate cancer and have started chemotherapy treatment in January 2018.  The chemo caused a lot of undesirable side effects that made the whole body very weak.  The use of Dr. Tennant various tools had helped me stay stronger to fight the disease.  I have used them as recommended by Dr. Quan Haduong and his spouse YenChi Haduong, Pharm. D., and also in conjunction with the Avacen device which helps the blood circulation.  Thank you all.  - Hoang Nguyen

After reading healing is Voltage I ordered Raw Materials, Fungal detox and Lugols Iodine Plus.
Within two weeks my phantom teeth pain is 90 % gone, my bulging belly fat has reduced to nothing and I dropped 7 pounds of inflammation.
Next I look forward to reaping the benefits of Tennant's essential oils, next on my list to purchase!
Thank You Dr. Tennant!!!!  Stay safe and well.  - Sarah,LaQue

At the moment I have no story of healing, but as a certified holistic nutritionist and raw food chef, I was constantly aware of what I needed to eat or take as supplements for optimal support of my body.  I tried my absolute best but still came down with a rare lung disease.  After finding Dr. Tennant, I can honestly say that I no longer fret about what nutrients I need to take, as I know he has done the due diligence in providing the most complete supplement protocol with Restore, Lugols Iodine Plus, Digestive Enzymes, Raw Materials, and Neo40.  It is quite a relief to know that my body now has everything it needs to heal...and then to hear him say "anything else you eat during the day is just for fuel" is definitely a new way of thinking!  - Patsy Scott

I read Dr. Tennant's book Healing is Voltage  -  I was so impressed (I think he is a genius)  -  the depth of knowledge he has, and shares, in so many areas of science and health, is incredible!  We love his essential oils -  My husband sleeps much better now, using "Sweet Dreams" and "Helichrysum Blend" -  We are grateful to you Dr. Tennant!  And we are using your advice in our daily lives and practice - Thank you so much!  - I. Martinkat PhD

My family has benefitted from the many Tennant Products we use.  Dr. Tennant’s Brain Food is great for clearer thinking and staying on task.  On mornings when I use it, I definitely am more productive!  The Digestive Enzyme Formula has been a game changer!  No more acid reducers.  Looking forward to trying more products.  We feel so much better!!  - Karen McLaughlin

When I tell you that Dr. Tennants oils in my world blow anything out of the water completely.  I was informed about Dr. Tenant through a close friend who speaks highly of this man And his work endlessly.  - Martin Tarchuk

I love "Healing Is Voltage, The Handbook".  A need to read for every healthy and unhealthy person in the world.  You cannot trust your health to "The Establishment".  Be responsible for your own health.  I recently purchased 5 bottles of Lugols Iodine Plus.  I am sad to say I will not buy again as the FedEx shipping is somewhat of a cash grab.  They double bill you and  then charge another brokerage fee(Customs)  - Lori Oliver

His soreness oil changed my life in terms of PAIN management.  Game changer.  It’s nothing short of miraculous!  His office gal that I spoke with the other day to order another bottle....omg she’s so passionate about the product line and let me assure this gal is so appreciative and has business acumen like nine other!!!!!  - V Smith

I started attending Dr Tennant seminars back in 2005 at Memphis TN.  I bought one of the original scenario devices at that time.  Then I bought a Tennant Biomodulator.  I’ve been through 2 more devices.  This protocol completely cured my GERD and residual pain from a fractured leg.  Taking the nutritional supplements has been fabulous.  I weigh what I did in college!  I have recently renewed my commitment through Emmy.  This treatment and protocols will change your life course.  I feel blessed to have renewed hope for my life through Dr Tennant!  -Jody Long 

I bought both the Biomodulator and Biotransducer to treat my glaucoma, which was diagnosed 25 years ago.  The disease quit progressing probably because I improved my diet.  However, it never got any better.  That is, my optic nerves never showed any improvement.  Then, I started using my Tennant devices.  After two week I had an appointment with my primary care doctor.  My long term high cholesterol had gone from 240 to 140.  The next week, at my appointment with my opthalmologist, she measured significant improvement with both optic nerves.  Which previously were bad shape.  I was worried they'd both detach from my eyeballs.  Now I am not worried.  I think if I had not gotten careless about my therapy I'd probably have cured my glaucoma by now.  I am now very meticulous following Dr. Tennant's direction and hope for further improvement.  I also eliminated three small Melanoma, and a tumor of some sort in my mouth by use of the Biomodulator and pencil probes t electrofy the tumors.  - Bob James

Six yrs into my leukemia journey, I am still able to work.  This is truly remarkable.  I attribute it to following the Tennant protocols.  Disease progression remains slow.  - Nancy

As I start to my enter my 30s and feeling fatigue and lethargic, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Tennants Humic/Fulvic Acid.  I was skeptical spending $40 on it, but boy am I happy.  I joke with my friend and tell him all the time how that's the best thing he has ever done for me.  My body just feels terrific after taking it for about a week.  It is so good that I order it while living in Saudi Arabia!  - Mansoor

Dr Tennant’s care and products have put me into the very healthy and "doesn’t get sick" category.  I’m very grateful, and also confident that all of the Tennant products contain the form of nutrients that my body can readily use.  I love that a serving of Restore in the morning covers my basic daily nutrient needs.  - Joanie Brown

I worked at my career for over 31 years.   I took my career seriously and was a very dedicated employee.  After many years into my career my health began to decline, and as the years went by I noticed the symptoms getting worse.  I began to think that I might have to quit my job and go on disability.  I really liked my work, so I struggled along, while seeking help from countless medical doctors and various other health practitioners.  For years no doctors could come up with a diagnosis or remedy, and as a result, I could have purchased another home with all the money I expended.


I experienced continual headaches, mental fog, left mastoid pain, pain in the lower left neck area by the atlas, fatigue, night sweats and extreme dizzy spells (vertigo) that came on without a warning.  I had intractable pain.  Sometimes in the middle of the night the violent dizzy head spinning would waken me out of a deep sleep and I would have to rush to the bathroom to vomit.  I desperately prayed that the spinning would stop.  When the spinning would not stop, neither would the vomiting, I drank water just to have something to vomit up, in order to avoid ‘dry heaves’, since there was nothing in my system left to expel.   I ended up at the nearest clinic, and from there the doctors ordered me to be transported immediately by ambulance to the hospital.  I was totally dehydrated from all the vomiting, so they administered saline IVs.  Doctors performed many tests but came up with nothing and I was released from the hospital without any remedy.


During this time of further declining health, I decided to retire earlier than I had planned due to ill health. I retired in June of 2005.   It was a hard decision because I really loved my work.  I had pretty much given up on medical doctors, but whenever some dentist or doctor showed promise, I would, with desperation, give them a try.  Up to this point, all failed.


In 2007, acting upon a recommendation, I was scheduled for numerous appointments at a well-known medical specialty clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota that addresses head and neck pain exclusively.  They have ‘expert’ dentists and medical doctors that diagnose difficult cases.   One patient was sitting in the waiting room next to me talking on the phone, getting his affairs in order because he had terminal brain cancer.  I thought I must be in the right place if they are getting these types of patients.  But the ‘expert’ dentist told me he could see nothing wrong after his ‘standard of care’ based diagnostics, including panoramic x-rays.  He said that it must just be, “a strained neck muscle” causing my problems, and that all these symptoms would go away if I simply “kept my chin tucked and my head back”.  Their ‘expert’ medical doctor told me that if the physical therapy they provided didn’t help, that she would give me injections of medicine at the base of the skull.


Two years later in 2009, after all the prescribed ‘chin tucking and head backing’ and physical therapy, I realized that the violent head spinning and the headaches were getting worse.  I returned to this same clinic seeking a cephalometric x-ray rather than the standard panoramic to determine if this would show any useful information.  Their St. Paul clinic told me that I would have to go to their Plymouth clinic (across town) for this because they didn’t have that type of x-ray machine at the St. Paul location.  But when I arrived for my appointment at their other facility, the ‘expert’ dentist didn’t think this type of x-ray was warranted and refused to order it up for me; then proceeded to administer another standard panoramic x-ray and said, “everything looked fine”.  He parroted the ‘expert’ dentist at their St. Paul clinic, telling me to “keep my chin tucked and my head back”.


In 2012 a different dentist in St Paul took a 3-D panoramic CAT scan of my jaw, and as we reviewed the results, he pointed out that the scan revealed extensive jawbone loss in several places, which was obvious when looking at the images.  I was both shocked and alarmed at what I saw!  After all this time and countless dental visits, this was the first dentist that informed me I had bone loss, and he showed me how to read it on the 3-D Cat scan; however, he did not mention anything about bone infection, nor did he comment as to why there was extensive bone loss.


In early 2013, I continued on a downward spiral with my health.  I was getting so bad that one of my family members (who was staying with me), didn’t think I would make it through the night.  He didn’t tell me this at the time, knowing how I was struggling and not wanting to frighten me, he instead prayed for me.  One night when I was up at 2 a.m. realizing that things were very serious, I prayed with total surrender that if my Heavenly Father didn’t show me the way, I wouldn’t live much longer.  I told Him that no one was able to help me and asked Him if He would please hear my cry and answer me.    I had many people praying for me over long periods of time, including my pastor, four major prayer ministries, a few close friends, and some family members who realized how serious things were becoming.  I prayed for an instantaneous miraculous healing. This isn’t exactly how it appeared to go.  I then came to a realization that the source of my health problems was from a serious jawbone infection.


I thought a lot about what to do.   Antibiotics would not be affective because in order for them to be effective there must be good blood flow to the area, and blood flow is extremely limited in bone structure. The infection had destroyed a great deal of the jawbone (bony periodontal ridge) in three quadrants at this point.

In March of 2013, at great expense I purchased a medical grade multi-frequency low-level laser device from a reputable company.  This instrument has been used successfully to reduce pain and infection.  I also received hyperbaric chamber treatments and many other additional therapies.  These therapies were received over time and provided some relief, but did not resolve the problem completely.

In the fall of 2013, I acquired a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency biofeedback TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device, designed by a medical doctor from Texas.  In December, I traveled to Dallas and attended this doctor’s complimentary 2-day seminar to learn additional methods for using the device.  He had a guest speaker, which to my surprise is a dental surgeon who specializes in cleaning/clearing up jawbone infections and associated infected tissues.


I could not chew food because there was so much bone loss that the bony periodontal ridge was totally gone causing excruciating pain when I tried to chew with a dental appliance.  I had to put my food in a blender in order to get nourishment into my body.


There were several areas in my jaw that had bone infection, so multiple surgeries were necessary.  I had my first surgery in February of 2014.  The dentist also had to remedy a large pocket of infection above the sinus cavity, which was causing pain and pressure on the left side of my head.  This caused my sphenoid bone to continually go out of place, thus extreme pain and agony, with continual headaches that resulted in a debilitating state of being.


These were very involved surgeries consuming many hours, sometime encompassing the entire workday, due to the extensive spread of the bone infection and bone loss.  After two years of series of surgeries my head cleared up and I could think properly and there was no more violent head spinning.  The cyst above the sinus cavity was removed along with the associated discomfort and pain.


As of January 2015 all the infection had been eliminated.


Present Status

After the jaw bone infection had been remedied and my dental issues all resolved, my body needed additional help to recover from the weight of it all.  So I used the knowledge I acquired while pursuing a desperate quest to survive, to restore health to my whole body, especially my immune system and my thyroid, since initially they took the majority of the insult from the damaging effects of the root canals.  Now I am helping others with health issues.


It is hard to put into words the many years of suffering I experienced.  It definitely changed the course of my life, which was drastically impaired while I struggled on a daily bases for much of my life with progressive decline with undiagnosed conditions.  In recent years I have observed numerous friends, family members, and acquaintances that have succumbed to cancer, heart disease and other serious health problem.  I am thinking that many of them may have been saved from tragic outcome had they only known what was leading to their demise.  Just within the last two months we were informed of a man in our community who died from a tooth problem.  The dentist extracted the tooth but the jaw bone was already affected with cancer.  He was only 61 years old.  The damage had progressed to far when the truth was made known.


The dentist who ultimately saved my life and provided an effective long-term remedy is Dr. Stephen R. Evans, DDS, PA.  Practicing in Bullard, Texas and lecturing internationally on the use of PRF, he is a wonderful honest caring man whose specialty is priceless!  His wife Barbara and his entire staff are the best I have ever experienced.  I also want to acknowledge Dr Jerry Tennant and Barbara Evans and the company called Synergy Medical Group for providing clinical training and expertise for others to learn these valuable truths.

I am deeply grateful to my Heavenly Father for answers to prayer -for leading me and hearing my cry.  His promise to us is that when we seek Him with all of our heart, mind and soul, then we will find Him. - Yvonne VanVeldhuizen, PhD, MN, BCHN

January 9, 2020

Warmest Greetings and Great News, which I just had to share with everyone straight-away.

Following major surgery on May 13, 2019, Rhonda was diagnosed with Stage 4, Ovarian cancer.   As one may imagine, the past nine months of taking phased, actionable steps to administer to and treat Rhonda’s illness have been filled with disheartening and at times overwhelming personal trials as Rhonda resolutely rose to meet the countless challenges and requirements of her treatment.

It is our firm conviction, that all of the many prayers, highly perceptible energies, best wishes, thoughts of goodwill and support continuously directed our way and provided by our friends and family not only had a measurable, beneficial impact and effect on Rhonda’s rapid recovery, but were also a continual source of strength and potency as they bolstered us up as we navigated through addressing our personal dark night of the Soul.

Last month, December, Rhonda underwent “post chemo” extensive testing and imaging, (i.e. CT Scan, Ultrasound, CBC with Auto Differential, Comprehensive Metabolic Panels, CA-125 and other blood work tumor marker testing) so as to evaluate her current medical status, six weeks following the completion of her allopathic protocols of chemotherapyThe past couple of days, Rhonda has met with her oncology doctors who have reported upon the baseline results of this recent testing.

I’m most pleased, excited and happy to report that her doctors have confirmed that Rhonda has medically been assessed to be in a state of Radical Remission, with no signs of cancer, presently found anywhere.

Both Rhonda and I firmly believe that all intercessory prayer, compassion and thoughts of good intent directly connect to the loving heart of the Creator, which also assist each of us individually as we cope with the many heartaches, trials and tribulations of our personal lives. It is also our conviction that well-meaning thoughts and actions of righteous intent are energized, donate and contribute to the overall Collective in assisting to transform this world, one person at a time until all embrace the heart of love and compassion of the Creator.

Rhonda’s form of illness has a high level of recurrence, so Rhonda will be diligently monitoring her remission and shall continue to take proactive steps to ensure her ongoing health.

Your prayers, and personal energies directed our way have been the foundational catalyst and supporting medium which provided discernible comfort, relief and the crucial components essentially needed in Rhonda’s rapid recover.

With utmost Love and Gratitude,

Thank you all so very much,

Jim & Rhonda

Birthday Wishes for Dr. Tennant