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Poor Sleep Causes Toxic Brain Buildup, Exercise May Help Detoxify and Reduce Sleep Debt

by: George Citroner

at: The Epoch Times

If you find yourself stumbling groggily out of bed each morning despite clocking in a full eight hours of sleep, your body may be trying to tell you something. Poor sleep wreaks havoc on your body in invisible ways.

While chasing more sleep seems like the obvious solution, new research reveals the key to feeling refreshed and well-rested may actually lie in how you spend your waking hours.

Poor Sleep Leads to ‘Metabolic Trash’ Buildup

“‘Sleeping well’ may refer to objective measurements of sleep based on the brain’s electrical activity during sleep cycles, which include light sleep, deep sleep, and REM—or dream—sleep,” Dr. John Saito, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), told The Epoch Times.

If any part of the sleep cycle is disturbed or absent, sleep doctors will objectively consider it poor-quality sleep, he noted.

To emphasize the need for every aspect of the sleep cycle, Dr. Saito compared the process of restorative sleep to running a washing machine. “How long it takes to complete a wash load depends on multiple variables, including the load size, the water level, and the machine’s capacity,” he said. “Therefore, it’s no surprise that it may take a longer amount of time and multiple cycles to completely clean a heavily stained jacket compared to a lightly soiled undergarment.”

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