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So, Tesla and Dr. Tennant were right... Voltage is Healing

An often overlooked fact is that the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in a liquid is dictated by the voltage (pH) of the liquid in addition to the other more discussed factors like temperature.  Thus as voltage in cells and extracellular fluid drops, oxygen drops.  And then there is Bohr’s Law that tells us that we must have lower voltage in the tissue than in the lungs to allow oxygen to be released from hemoglobin.

Each of us contains about a trillion microorganisms.  They are mostly anaerobic, so they are asleep when oxygen levels are normal (which implies that voltage is normal).  However, as oxygen levels drop, the bugs wake up and want to have lunch.  Since they don’t have teeth to take a bite out of cells, they release digestive enzymes to dissolve cells so they can get the nutrients they need.  Thus we get smoldering inflammation and eventually tissue damage and the chemistry that goes with that.

As oxygen levels drop more and more due to lower and lower voltage, bacteria lose their cell membranes (pleomorphism) and become more toxic.  However, one cannot culture these organisms that Lida Mattman called “Stealth Pathogens” unless you add antibiotics to the culture medium.  The antibiotics can’t kill the bugs because they no longer have cell membranes but rather make them grow better!  You can see these bugs if you use a phase contrast or dark-field microscope but they are hard to see with a typical bright light microscope.  Thus you can’t see them and you can’t culture them.  What you see is tissue damage in what appears to be a sterile environment.  I think this is what is normally found, with its abnormal chemistry, in what is called “autoimmune diseases”. What you often see is the autoimmune blood tests go back to normal after you correct the voltage/oxygen levels.

So—back to diskitis—the final common pathway for the body’s electrical system is from the bladder acupuncture meridian to the autonomic ganglia along the spine to the organs.  If the bladder circuit is out, the oxygen levels will drop along the spine with the resultant infections noted above.  What will confuse many is that these infections can’t be seen nor cultured.  You could predict such a person would develop ankylosing spondylitis.

However, if you have only one localized circuit out, you could easily have diskitis at any corresponding level.

No matter what or where, chronic disease is ALWAYS accompanied/caused by lack of the -25 millivolts for things to work and the -50 millivolts needed to repair the damaged cells.  As voltage drops, oxygen drops, as oxygen drops, you get pain, decreased ATP, and cell-wall-deficient infections.  When you get to +30 millivolts, stem cells recognize that you have inadequate oxygen to sustain life of the organ and they go invade nearby vessels and create a placenta in an effort to keep the organ alive.  We call that placenta a cancer—the only mechanism the body has to deal with severe hypoxia.  If we remove that placenta and don’t correct the hypoxia, the body will make another.  And so it goes.  The toxins we give to get rid of the placenta (cancer) affect all circuits and that is why cancer rarely comes back as Stage 1—it comes back as Stage 4.

Since voltage controls all of the cell functions and its chemistry, one really doesn’t need a lot of testing to know what is going on in the cells of the organ.  You just need to figure out why the voltage is low. It is always some combination of:

  1. Lack of thyroid hormone T3 (controls the voltage of every cell membrane and the total number of mitochondria in the body)
  2. Scars that fray the fascial wiring (fascia is a semiconductor) that blocks the flow of voltage in that battery pack
  3. Dental infections (each circuit goes through specific teeth and decay acts like a resistor and infection in the bone around a tooth acts like a circuit breaker)
  4. Emotions (stored in the body as a magnetic field with a frequency that is out of resonance with the body and blocks the flow of voltage)
  5. Toxins (are all electron stealers)


  1. Adjust the Free-T3 to between 3-4 with desiccated thyroid
  2. Correct scars with Soreness essential oil and the BioTransducer (works 90% of the time) or with Neural Therapy (procaine releases -286 millivolts)
  3. Correct infections in bone with ozone and platelet-rich fibrin
  4. Tune emotional frequency into the resonant frequencies of memories with the BioTransducer or sound
  5. Eliminate toxins by sending the opposite phase of the toxin into the body with the BioTransducer