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Suggested Reading List and References


A Cancer Therapy / Max Gerson MD. / The Gerson Institute

Alkalize Or Die / Dr. Theodore A. Baroody / Holographic Health Press

Another Dose Of Nutritional Medicine / Dr. Igor Tabrizian / NRS Publications

Balanced Healing / Larry Altshuler / Harbor Press

Basic Electricity / Charles W. Ryan /

Biological Transmutations / C.L. Kervran / Beekman Publishers Inc

Biologically Closed Electric Circuits / Bjorn EW Nordenstrom / Nordic Medical

Cancer Therapy / Ralph W. Moss PH. D / Equinox Press

Cells, Gels And The Engines Of Life / Gerald A Pollack / Ebner and Sons Publisher

Doctor Burzynskie's Revolutionary Approach To Cancer / Wieslaw Horabik / Text print

Essential Oils / Desk Reference / Essential Science Publishing

Eye Acupuncture Therapy / Zhaoxin / Academy Press

Food Enzymes / Humbart Santillo MH, N.D. / HOHM Press

Glutathione (GSH) / Stephen Schettini / Kudo. Ca

Green Leaves Of Barley / Dr. Mary Ruth Swope / Swope Enterprises Inc

Healing The Eyes The Natural Way / Edward Kondrot MD. / Nutritional Research Press

Iodine / David Brownstein MD / Medical Alternative Press

Lab 257 / Michael C. Carroll / William Morrow

Let The Tooth Be Known / Dawn Ewing RDH, PH.D., ND / Holistic Health Alternatives

Lipitor Thief Of Memory /Duane Graveline M.D. / Infinity Publishing

Love Thyself / Masaru Emoto / Hay House Inc

Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, And Other Trace Elements / Dr. Igor Tabrizian / NRS Publications

Miracle Eye Cure? / Edward C. Kondrot MD / Nutritional Research Press

Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repairs / Christian Wilde / Abigon Press

Nikola Tesla On Free Energy And Wireless Transmission Of Power / Nikola Testa / Adventures Unlimited Press

Nutrition And Physical Degeneration / Weston A. Price D. D. S. / The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Inc

Nutritional Medicine Facts And Fiction / Dr. Igor Tabrizian? NRS Publication/

Outsmart Your Cancer / Tanya Harter Pierce Thought works Publishing /

Pentagon Aliens / William R. Lyne / Creatopia Production

Problem Of Increasing Human Energy (1900) / Nikola Tesla / Kessinger Publishing

Root Canal Cover-Up / George E. Meining S.S.S., F.A.C.D / Bion Publishing

Salt, Your Way To Health / David Brownstein MD. / Medical Alternatives Press

Seed Of Deception / Jeffrey M. Smith / Yes Books

Sign Language Of The Soul / Dr. Dale Schusterman /

Soul, Mind And Body / Dr. Zhi Gang Sha / New World Library

Staying Healthy With Nutrition / Elson M. Haas / Dover Publications

Stop America's #1 Killer! / Thomas E, Levy MD. JD / Livon Books

The Biology Of Belief / Bruce Lipton / Mountain of Love and Elite Books

The Biology Of Transcendence / Joseph C. Pearce / Park Street Press

The Body Electric / Robert O. Becker MD and Gary Selden /

The Chemistry Of Essential Oils Made Simple / David Stewart PH. D., D.N.M. / Care Publications

The China Study / T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell / BenBella Books Inc.

The Cholesterol Myths / Uffe Ravnskov MD, PHD / New Trend Publishing

The Complete Book Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy / Valerie Ann Wordwood / New Word Library

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook / Miranda Castro /

The Four Underlying Causes Of Illness / Michael Coyle and Christine Baillie / Elbow Room Publishing

The Genius Of Flexibility / Bob Cooley / Simon and Schuster

The Great Physical For Health And Wellness / Jordan Rubin and David Remedios MD / Nelson Books

The Hidden Danger In Tap Water And The Best Solution / Thomas H. Lynn PH. D / Longevity Press

The Hidden Messages In Water / Masaru Emoto / Beyond Words Publishing

The Message From Water III / Masaru Emoto / Hado Kyoikusya Co., LTD

The Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine / Richard Gerber MD / Harper Collins

The Second Brain / Michael D. Gershon MD. / Harper Perennial

The Web That Has No Weaver / Ted J Kaptchuk O.M.D / Congdon and Weed

The Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Medicine / Maoshing Ni PH. D / Shmbhala

Thirty Years That Shook Physics / George Gamow / Dover Publication

Tired Of Being Tired / Jesse L. Hanly, MD. And Nancy Deville / G.P., Putnam's Son

Tissue Mineral Analysis (Hair Analysis) / Dr. Igor Tabrizian/ NRS Publications

Toxic Food Syndrome / Jeffrey S. Zavik and Jim Thompson / Fun Publishing

Turning Into Nature / Philip S. Callahan / Acres USA Publisher

Visual Textbook Of Nutritional Medicine / Dr. Igor Tabrizian / NRS Publications Education Series

Vitamin C, Infectious Disease, And Toxin / Thomas E Levy MD / Xlibris

Water Cures, Drug Kills / F. Batmanghelidy MD / Global Health Solution Inc

What's In A Cup Of Tea? / Tiong-Hung PH. D and Nancy T. Ling PH. D / Yellow Emperor Book

You Are On A Diet / Michael F. Roizen MD. / Mettmet C. OZ

The Self-Sufficient Backyard / Ron and Johanna Melchiore / Digistore24 Inc