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Take 7 Points Off Your BP with a Creamy Treat

We made it. It's finally Christmas Eve. And in just a few days, we'll have another crazy, stress-filled year under our belts. Nothing left to do now but relax and enjoy the holiday. Well, that and try to keep our blood pressure down as we start thinking about our goals for next year. Most people start the New Year with a big resolution. And we know how those usually turn out. So today, I've got a much more manageable one for you to consider. It's a simple resolution that, honestly, is ridiculously easy to keep. But it will still pay off in a big way when it comes to your health.

If you're taking blood pressure meds, there is one easy daily swap you can make that could help you reduce your dose. In some cases, it could even make the meds unnecessary. And if you're not on those drugs already, but your blood pressure is creeping up, this simple (and delicious) habit could bring you right back out of the danger zone. It may even get your doctor off your back. Are you ready for the resolution? All you have to do is eat more creamy and delicious yogurt.

What Yogurt Can Do for Your Blood Pressure

There's quite a bit of excitement about "superfoods" these days. And truthfully, I'm a big fan of them myself. Because let's face it, there's nothing better than making a simple and tasty tweak to your diet and getting a huge health reward as a result. You have a little of this with breakfast. Perhaps a dash of that with dinner. And a sprinkle of those in anything you like. And without even trying, you've downed enough superfoods to help in the fight against a chronic disease.

New research reveals that yogurt fits the bill. Specifically, yogurt has been linked to better blood pressure. In fact, researchers say folks who regularly indulge in the creamy and delicious treat can shave an average of 7 points off your systolic (top) number, according to the new study. And that's as good as, or better than, some prescription blood pressure drugs.

Fight Hypertension with a Delicious Treat

Sure, it seems unlikely. It's only yogurt, after all. How could it possibly rival the effects of some blood pressure medications? Well, it turns out there are at least three reasons for it. First, yogurt is a pretty good source of three minerals that play a role in helping to control blood pressure: calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Second, it's loaded with probiotics. In fact, yogurt was the "original" source of these good bugs long before the probiotics buzz of the last few years began. And yogurt is still one of the best sources of these good bacteria known to help naturally fight inflammation, protect blood vessels, and reduce blood pressure. One study found probiotics alone can cut about 3.6 points off your BP. This means the good bugs could be responsible for around half of the yogurt benefit seen in the new study.

And third, yogurt is simply healthy and satisfying. And when folks eat it in place of something that doesn't meet those same standards, you're ahead of the game. For example, eating yogurt instead of the empty carbs you get when you eat cereal for breakfast is an immediate upgrade on every level. Plus, snacking on a cup of yogurt instead of inflammatory chips or candy is a win for your waistline.
And a slimmer waistline can improve your blood pressure.

Just watch out for is what's actually in your yogurt. Avoid the ones with the sugary goop that's pretending to be fruit. Stick with an all-natural, plain, full-fat Greek yogurt for maximum taste and health benefits. And add your own fruit for flavor. Oh, and that same cup of yogurt brings bunches of other benefits to the table. In fact, it could help fight the inflammation behind everything from diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis.

Talking truth about health,

Alice Jacob
Executive Editor, Healthier Talk