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Telomere Breakthrough: Shown Effective on Identical Twins

Zand, J. (n.d.). Telomere Breakthrough: Shown Effective on Identical Twins. Advanced Bionutritionals.

If you want to stay active and vibrant into your 70s, 80s, and beyond...then you need to hear about this...

Your telomeres start shortening even before you are born. They keep shortening throughout your life. By the time you’re middle-aged, your telomeres are dramatically shorter. And this is not good news for your health. It means your cells are becoming less functional and less capable of repairing themselves. So slowing down the shortening of your telomeres may be helpful in supporting healthy aging at the cellular level.

This article begins with a story about an astronaut who found a way to actually make his telomeres longer. It also includes information gathered from studies on telomeres and provides you with 6 activators you can use to help support your telomeres as you age.

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