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The Use of Acupuncture-Like Electrical Stimulation for Wound Healing of Lesions Unresponsive to Conventional Treatment

Sumano H, Mateos G (1999): Am J Acupunct. Sep-Oct;9(5):42-5. Program of Physical Therapy, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis, USA.

Based on previous experimental evidence suggesting improved healing of wounds treated with electrical stimulation, we conducted a clinical trial with patients seeking alternative medicine after unsuccessful conventional medical treatment. Electricity was delivered in two forms: (1) For wounds with extensive loss of tissue and/or those that had failed to heal spontaneously, electrical stimulation was delivered via subcutaneously inserted needles surrounding the wound edges and applying a dose charge of 0.6 coulombs/cm2/day; (2) in second degree burn injuries, lesions were covered with gauze soaked in a 10% (w/v) sterile saline solution and the same dose of electricity was applied as for (1). Advantages and limitations of this technique are discussed.