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Your Bowel Tolerance Number

Do you know what your “bowel tolerance number” is? We got real familiar with this when Ryder was going through cancer, learning about the “orthomolecular medicine” research from the 60’s and even earlier, focusing on therapeutic vitamin dosing to reverse everything from a cold to arthritis to cancer!

I was just at an event with Dr. Thomas Levy who’s really big in the orthomolecular world, he says all sickness and disease is due to oxidative stress on cells, and that oxidative stress is allowed by lack of vitamin C.

I’ve heard too many "'all' disease is caused by this one thing" statements to really think one of them is the thing (emotions, toxicity, gut dysfunction, etc). But, I do look for the main drivers and definitely focus on them first and foremost, and this is without question a major!!

Knowing how important Vitamin C is, and that we don’t produce it ourselves like most animals and need to get it from food, and how Vitamin C infusions are a go-to for so many natural/integrative doctors, hearing the optimal amounts of it we should be taking in on a daily basis, combined with the relatively low amounts people actually get in their diet based on the foods they eat, combined with the fact that even most organic foods have a fraction of the amount of vitamins in them they used to have makes a whole lot of sense that Hypoascorbemia, or Vitamin C starvation is rampant and why mega-dosing to correct it produces such profound affects time and time again!!

Back to cancer, doesn’t take long researching to hear about The Riordan clinic in Missouri that uses Vitamin C as their primary therapy and the results they consistently show, and it also doesn’t take long to hear about the “at home version” of finding out your “bowel tolerance number” and doing the math from there to saturate yourself back up to optimal levels!

The interesting part is it’s different for everybody. If you’re relatively healthy and not that stressed, it’s lower. If you’re stressed, have toxins in your bloodstream, and are not feeling healthy, it’s higher, often much higher.

Anyway, my friend Theo Lucier is really big ion this and has made it his mission to educate people on the proper way to do a multi-day vitamin C flush. Once you discover your number through a Vitamin C flush, you can:

  • Can prevent coughs, colds, and flu
  • Reverse coughs, colds, and flu
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Experience less harm from stress
  • Rebalance your hormones
  • Slow down aging

Super valuable information be in control reversing & preventing disease and/or the next time you start feeling run down!!